Hollie Deller: Principal Skater

Meet Hollie Deller; the Principal Skater for Burlesque On Ice, and the star of the show!


Hollie has been ice skating for 20 years and has competed at both national and international level.  She skates and coaches professionally; skating is her life and her love!

Hollie Deller 2Hollie Deller

Hollie has had a successful competitive career: she was Junior British Solo Ice Dance Champion, Primary British Pairs Champion, Primary Irish Pairs Champion and Senior Scottish Solo Ice Dance Champion. Hollie holds Gold standard test level in both free skating and dance.

Hollie is one of few skaters to hold Gold standard test level in both free skating and dance as well as competing at National and International level in Pairs skating. She is also a qualified NISA Level 2 Coach!

Hollie has travelled and performed all over Europe, Russia, UK, Mexico and South America, spending 3 years with “Holiday On Ice”, working with Tallink Cruises and as travelling with a Spanish skating circus!

See Hollie in action here:

We can’t wait to see what Hollie is going to bring to Burlesque on Ice, and we know you can’t either!


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