Burlesque On Ice- Too Rude for TV?

We all love to support a good cause, so when the BOI cast was asked to support Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day, we jumpered at the chance! save-the-children-christmas-jumper-day

The crack of dawn saw some of the cast at the wonderful (and now very familiar) Westfield Ice Rink (Shepherd’s Bush, London). The event was lead by the brilliant TV personality Arlene Phillips (and our twitter buddy), of “Strictly Come Dancing”, “Loose Women” and “So You Think You Can Dance” fame. Arlene choreographed a dance and taught it to a crowd of folk on ice skates on the rink, including our cast ladies!

STC Dancing 3

Our ladies wore fabulously cheesy festive jumpers from the posh designer outlet- Primarni….

Dani Christmas Jumper

…and posed for a lovely photo with Arlene after the event!

STC Arlene Phillips 2

This was all fantastic, and the cast members were asked to do an interview for TV! Of course they were up for it, and were all ready to go, in front of the cameras, when someone jumped in and said “THESE LADIES AND THEIR JUMPERS ARE TOO RUDE FOR TV!”. And just like that, the interview was over before it began!

Was this really because the jumper were salacious and suggestive?  Because if that is the case, surely the large retail outlet where we bought them would’ve received lots of complaints?! Or was it because our cast are burlesque ladies, and burlesque is TOO RUDE FOR TV, regardless of their jumpers? We will leave you to decide for yourselves!

Carli and girls Christmas Jumper

Nevertheless, we got in the London Evening Standard with our obscene jumpers! In your FACE, prudish TV rules!

STC Evening Standard

Find out more about and donate to the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Campaign here!



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